pregnancy week 30

The big day is fast approaching. With the end (nearly) in sight, I’m feeling the weight of my load as my baby prepares itself for the birth. Now is a good time to give myself a pampering treat, as well as to start making sure I’m packed and ready to go when the time comes.

week 30

I tried a pregnancy massage and I got my hair done now, as I'll probably find a little less time in the coming months when my new-born arrives.

  • My baby is readying itself in the 'engaged' position
  • I book myself a well-deserved treat
  • Try some gentle exercises such as a soothing swim

me at week 30

Many babies will be head down by now, surrounded by about a litre of amniotic fluid. I find they start to move into the 'engaged' position. Don't worry if they're still in the breech position (feet or bottom down): there's plenty of time for them to move around. As my due date nears, my doctor advised me to do some regular pregnancy exercises now which will help boost my energy, as well as prepare my body for the birth. Swimming is a great way to stay fit and healthy in a gentle and relaxing way. At this stage, many pregnant women find that the feeling of weightlessness they experience in the water is a real treat at a time when they often feel heavy and tired.

my baby at week 30

My baby is nearly 40cm long and weighing in at over 1.35kg – about as much as a large cabbage. They'll continue to put on weight to store energy and keep them warm.

Their little lungs are still maturing to support them in the outside world and aren't quite ready yet. My baby’s digestive tract is now almost fully developed, however, and will soon be ready for feeding once they are born.

things to do

It may be a good idea to pack my hospital bag now so I don't get caught by surprise later. There are lots of bits and pieces that can help make my stay in hospital a comfortable one: ask your doctor for a checklist. You can also pack an all-important 'going home outfit' for your baby.