pregnancy week 15

At week 15, my baby will be around the size of an apple, with improved hearing and growing legs. I find myself more likely to come down with coughs or colds as my immune system suppresses itself, and I prefer to sleep on my side as my bump continues to grow. I believe this is the best sleep position during pregnancy.

week 15

I’m 15 weeks pregnant! What to expect? Among other things, a comfortably sized bump and none of the more annoying first trimester symptoms.

  • Pregnancy symptoms at week 15 include a suppressed immune system, so watch out for coughs and colds
  • My baby's hearing is getting better
  • As my bump gets bigger, sleeping on my side is more comfortable

me at week 15

From stuffy noses to skin darkening during pregnancy, the symptoms at week 15 can be a little bit weird. This week my hormones are producing more melanin, which makes my skin darker and my immune system becomes slightly suppressed, so I had more coughs and colds than usual. I also find it more comfortable to sleep on my side as my tummy grows.

Lots of pregnant women get dark patches on their faces: this is called chloasma or the mask of pregnancy and thankfully it fades away after child birth.

my baby at week 15

It's no wonder my bump is getting bigger; my baby is around the size of an apple! Their legs are about the same size as their arms now, so they're really starting to look like a baby rather than a fetus. Although their eyes are still closed they can sense light, and their hearing is getting better as the tiny bones inside their ears harden (so be careful what you sing in the shower!) Most of the time, my baby will be practising for their grand entrance: sucking, swallowing, breathing and flexing those muscles.

things to do in week 15

I don't have to tell my boss I’m pregnant for another ten weeks, but it's good to do it early because there are lots of laws to protect pregnant mums. If you're planning to get an amniocentesis, it'll take place anywhere from now until week 18. These tests can find hundreds of genetic and chromosomal disorders, so it's normal to feel a bit nervous while you wait for your amniocentesis results. Hopefully it'll set your mind at rest to know that good news is more common than bad.