pregnancy week 13

I think week 13 is the sweet spot of where the pregnancy symptoms are virtually non-existent and my bump is still fairly small. My baby is developing and growing, with a pair of fully formed kidneys and lungs.

week 13

Welcome to the first week of my second trimester! I’m entering what some people call 'the honeymoon period of pregnancy', so sit back and enjoy.

  • My risk of miscarriage has dropped dramatically
  • The placenta has taken over a lot of the hard work
  • Pregnancy symptoms in week 13 are almost unnoticeable

me at week 13

My hormones are leveling out as my placenta picks up some of the work. This puts an end to most first trimester side effects like sickness, exhaustion and mood swings – hooray! Once I reach the end of the first trimester my risk of miscarriage also drops dramatically. At week 13 my tummy is still pretty small and my morning sickness is almost non-existent, so it's no wonder most mums-to-be consider this the sweet spot of pregnancy.

my baby at week 13

My baby is a proper little person now, with their own unique fingerprints! They can open their mouth, suck their thumb and stick their tongue out. Their lungs are ready to take their first breaths, and my little one will practice even though they're under water in my womb. They're the proud owners of a pair of fully functioning kidneys. There's still lots of fine-tuning to be done, of course. Their genitals are forming now, although it's still too early to find out my baby’s gender. Bowels and vocal cords are starting to develop too.

things to do in week 13

The next few weeks are likely to be the most comfortable of my pregnancy, so if you and your partner are thinking about taking a babymoon holiday, now is a good time to plan a vacation.