pregnancy week 8

This is a busy week for my developing baby – they’re losing the tadpole tail and starting to look like a proper little person.

week 8

My body is doing some amazing things to support my developing baby. My fabulous pregnant body has:

  • More blood than usual – it will be 1.5 extra litres by the third trimester
  • A super-stretchy uterus that will eventually expand to 1000 times its original size!
  • Breasts that are already preparing to feed my baby

me at week 8

My baby is developing at a speedy pace at the moment, so a common pregnancy symptom at week 8 is extreme tiredness. It’s great if I can give in to this, and get as much rest and sleep as I can. I may also be experiencing constipation, thanks to the pregnancy hormone progesterone and a more iron-rich diet. Eating high-fibre foods such as vegetables and wholemeal bread, and drinking plenty of water should help me relax when I go to the bathroom – there’s no need to rush things!

my baby at week 8

My baby is now officially a ‘foetus’, meaning ‘offspring’. This is because they’re losing their tail and becoming more baby-like. They measure 1.6cm long, and are growing about a millimetre every day. They now have recognisable, lengthening limbs and obvious hands and feet. The spinal cord is developing, all their major organs are in place, and neural pathways are forming in the brain. Incredibly, they now have taste buds, and the beginnings of a tiny tummy. They’ve developed their first sense: touch, and can respond to pressure on their lips and cheeks.

things to do in week 8

I have the first of many routine tests, including height, weight, and body mass index, blood pressure, and urine (to check protein). My general health will be discussed, helping to establish whether I need any additional care. Also, I will be given general pregnancy tips and information, including tips on diet, exercise, breastfeeding, antenatal classes and delivery options. It’s a lot to take in – but I’ve still got months to get the hang of it all!