pregnancy week 39

By now it probably feels like I've been pregnant forever! The last few days of waiting and watching for signs of labour can feel extra-long. Take the opportunity to get plenty of rest, and invest in a DVD box set or two... I’m nearly there!

week 39

Now that the big day is just around the corner, I’ve done most of the hard work (yay!). Here are the pregnancy symptoms to expect at 39 weeks pregnant:

  • Pregnancy thickens hair so your locks may be looking luscious
  • Pesky heartburn can be a pain – avoiding rich foods helps and eat little and often
  • Books and movies can help take your mind off things

me at week 39

It’s a bit of a waiting game from now on. I’m probably feeling rather impatient and can’t wait to meet my new baby. It’s also normal to be feeling a bit apprehensive about the actual birthing bit. I’m always welcome to chat with my doctor if I have any concerns. Friends and family members who have already had children can also be wonderfully reassuring. Remember, only 4% of babies make an appearance on their due date, so it’s best not to obsess over counting down. Instead, try to relax - I’ll be cuddling my new arrival in no time.

my baby at week 39

My baby is about 51cm long and weighs somewhere around 3.4 kilos. My doctor will keep a careful eye on my baby’s growth, and will know that my baby is at a healthy weight for birth. Like me, my baby is simply biding their time. They are still shedding lanugo (body hair) and vernix caseosa. Their hair and nails continue to grow. They’ll also be looking like a beautiful little new-born.

things to do

Most mums-to-be find that time slows down during these last couple of weeks. By now, because I’m feeling tired as well as larger, it’s harder to find ways to pass the time. If you have the energy, one way to prepare for birth is to stock up the freezer and make sure you have some meals ready before your baby arrives. Batches of casseroles, pasta sauces and curries are handy standbys.