pregnancy week 38

I could be meeting my long-awaited little one any time now! Everyone experiences this later stage of pregnancy differently – some mums-to-be are content to relax and enjoy nurturing themselves and their baby bumps, while others feel they just can’t wait any longer. Either way, it’s an amazing time in my life.

week 38

At 38 weeks pregnant, I may still have plenty of questions to ask my doctor during my antenatal appointment:

  • How will I know when labour starts?
  • What are the best ways to manage early labour?
  • When do I go to the hospital or phone the doctor?

me at week 38

If you’ve been having practice (Braxton Hicks) contractions, at 38 weeks pregnant you can expect these to be getting stronger. They don’t really hurt, but are intense enough to make you stop what you’re doing for a moment – and to give you an idea of what to expect later. Don’t worry if you don’t get practice contractions, as not everyone actually feels them. If you’re getting impatient or feeling restless, make the most of this time with your partner.

my baby at week 38

My baby now weighs between 3kg and 3.2kg, and is continuing to build up fat stores – essential blubber to help my baby regulate their temperature when they’re out in the world. Everything about my baby is now fully developed and ready to go except the lungs, which aren’t fully developed until my baby starts breathing outside the womb. Just like me, my baby is taking it easy, keeping comfy, moving regularly and getting ready to meet their new family.

things to do

There’s a good chance that I’m 'nesting', the phase most mums-to-be go through as they get their homes ready for their new arrival. Nesting is one of the typical pregnancy symptoms at week 38. I'll want to get everything safe and comfortable for my little one – a sure sign that the big day is near. Nesting cleaning is often more thorough and intense than usual housework – I find myself wanting to clean chair legs, or completely empty and rearrange cupboards!