pregnancy week 34

Now I’m 34 weeks pregnant, what can I expect? My baby and I are certainly busy growing together, and I’m feeling a bit squashed, but fatigue during pregnancy is very common. However, my baby is having a wonderful time! Their hearing is now fully developed, so they can enjoy sharing songs and stories with me.

week 34

My baby is probably snuggling against my tummy right now. This sounds very endearing; however it can mean the return of indigestion...

  • I eat little and often to allow for smaller tummy space
  • I try to sit upright when possible, to assist digestion
  • I feel comfier in bed if I’m propped up with an extra pillow

me at week 34

I’m probably feeling pretty big now – as my friends and family put it, I’m 'blooming'! I maybe a bit less comfortable as my growing baby leans heavily against my stomach and tap dances on my bladder. Pregnancy symptoms at week 34 include feeling a bit breathless if I walk too quickly, and I may experience a little nausea again at this stage. I speak to my doctor when I’m feeling really uncomfortable, but be assured, most pregnancy symptoms are simply my body changing to accommodate my baby.

my baby at week 34

As I can feel, my baby is now growing fast – they’ve reached 45cm in length and weigh around 2.2kg. This is quite good for the 34th week according to a baby’s weight during pregnancy week by week. They’re filling out, and my little one is starting to look much more like a new-born baby. This fat is essential to keep your baby’s temperature regulated when they arrive to the outside world. My baby’s hearing is really developing, so I chat and sing to them regularly. They love the sound of my voice, and this is a lovely way for them to get to know me before they’re even born!

things to do

I’ll have an antenatal appointment this week, and this is a great chance for me and my birth partner to discuss our birth plan with the doctor. If you haven’t visited your local hospital or maternity unit yet, make an appointment and go along to see the facilities. It’s really reassuring to feel familiar with the surroundings (and the journey!) when your labour starts. Plan what you need in your maternity bag – if you like making lists, you’ll really be enjoying this stage of pregnancy!