pregnancy week 32

I’m getting to the point where I just want to start my maternity leave! I’m feeling increasingly tired as my baby gets heavier. My baby is practising all their amazing skills that are necessary for the world, which include swallowing, breathing, kicking and sucking.

week 32

Even I am finding it harder to rest now, while my baby is certainly enjoying their own sweet dreams.

  • The nesting instinct might have kicked in
  • Enjoy having a cup of coffee with other mums-to-be
  • Remember to relax and rest as much as possible

me at week 32

If eight solid hours of sleep is proving a bit tricky, I try to grab a nap during the day to keep me going. I want to make it a habit now, as once my baby is born; everyone will have the same recommendation: that I "sleep when my baby sleeps"!

As far as pregnancy symptoms at week 32 go, it’s not uncommon to spring a little leak if I cough, laugh or sneeze. This is due to my little darling pressing on my bladder. Regular pelvic floor exercises can help. If you think this water could be leaking amniotic fluid, phone your doctor for advice. Amniotic fluid is usually colourless and may have a slightly sweet smell.

my baby at week 32

My baby isn't so little anymore! They now measure around 42cm and weigh about 1.7kgs. Their skin is soft, smooth and a lot less transparent as they continue to gain weight.

I notice that my baby is moving differently now too. My baby’s sleep patterns are much the same as adults. If you are ever worried about your baby's regular movements, you could see your doctor straight away. My baby has very likely moved into the head down position by now, but don’t worry if not, there’s still plenty of time.

things to do

I’m already on maternity leave, I savour this time by meeting up with friends or other expectant mums for lunch. I take a gentle walk or I go for a swim. I also factor in that all-important rest and relaxation time too.

I’m wondering at 32 weeks pregnant what to expect, I get ready for that nesting instinct and it is worth mentioning that the Mothercare website saved me a lot of time because from it I could buy every things that my baby needs. Preparing my baby's own special room is an exciting way to indulge these feelings. I'll spend plenty of time in here changing nappies, feeding, napping and cuddling.