pregnancy week 27

Inside, my baby is developing fast. Outside, it'll be clear how much my baby bump has grown and I start to really feel the extra weight. This can present my body with some new challenges, so I take some time to look after myself as I prepare for my baby's arrival.

week 27

My little one is doing a great job this week of plumping up with baby fat and preparing for life outside of the womb. Here are the pregnancy symptoms for week 27:

  • I’m talking to my baby as much as I can
  • I am most comfortable when wearing loose-fitting clothing
  • I keep cramps at bay with gentle stretching or yoga

me at week 27

With my baby bump getting heavier, I start to feel the strain a bit. I feel a bit of itchiness across my tummy as my skin stretches. Keeping it moisturised can help soothe and prevent stretch marks, while loose-fitting clothing with natural fibres may help me stay more comfortable.

Get ready for a few sleepless nights. My baby has settled into a pattern of sleeping during the day and getting restless in the evening. And I may get some back pain from the extra weight or leg cramps, caused by my growing baby bump putting pressure on my veins.

my baby at week 27

Weighing around 875g, my baby is the size of a head of cauliflower. They will sleep and wake at regular intervals, and can feel me touching them now too – I tickle my baby’s protruding toes and they snatch their foot away!

Although the sounds my baby hears are muffled, they are starting to get to know my voice and any others that they hear often in the womb. I’m talking to my baby as much as I can and play music to my growing baby bump. They will recognise the same lullabies once they are born and it will help them to relax.

things to do

If you're planning to have your baby in a hospital, you may be able to take a tour of the maternity facilities before the big day. If you're able to, it'll help you feel sure that you've chosen the right place for you and make it all feel a bit more familiar and comfortable.

It's worth noting that this is the last week that you can fly in an airplane without a doctor's note.