pregnancy week 24

My growing baby bump is leaving me a bit unsteady on my feet and my little one is finding even more ways to move around inside the cosy womb. If it hasn't quite hit you yet, week 24 might just make this journey feel real!

week 24

With all the exciting changes taking place, it’s natural to feel a bit emotional – I expect a few hormonal tears when watching films or when feeling my little one rolling around and giving me a friendly kick. Here are the pregnancy symptoms in week 24:

  • I’m feeling a bit unsteady on my feet
  • I’m noticing a few pregnancy stretch marks appearing
  • My baby is getting the hiccups, making my bump twitch

me at week 24

As my skin stretches to make room for my baby, I am developing little red lines across my tummy, legs, hips or breasts called stretch marks. These are very common during pregnancy and will most likely fade after the birth, but to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy I can also apply special stretch mark cream that restores some of the moisture and elasticity back into my skin. Around 24 weeks, my uterus will rise above the level of my belly button, and this may pull on the ligaments that attach my uterus to the wall of my abdomen. This is an even better reason to spend time pampering myself and relaxing in a warm bath.

my baby at week 24

With a little face, eyelashes, eyebrows and even hair, my baby is already developing into a tiny human being! Around this time they have working taste buds, and their tiny footprints and fingerprints are busy forming. They are now around 30cm long and weigh 300g and have both growing brains and lungs, all ready for that first little gasp of air. They also start to practise breathing around this time by gulping in amniotic fluid, which can cause them to hiccup and twitch my baby bump!

things to do in week 24

By slowing down and taking extra care when getting up or lying down, I can stop myself overbalancing or feeling unsteady. This is the perfect time to get my partner or my friends to fetch tea or snacks from the kitchen, as I should rest as much as possible. Finding a comfortable and supportive pregnancy bra may also help prevent or minimise stretch marks on my breasts, and I try using stretch mark creams to help soothe my skin.