pregnancy week 11

As my pregnancy progresses week by week, my morning sickness and exhaustion will ease off. While at the same time my baby’s brain is developing and they are growing into a fully formed tiny human. Week 11 is a good time to get my dating scan booked.

week 11

This week I'll be getting ready for my first ultrasound scan, and to tell friends and family about my upcoming arrival!

  • My placenta is fully formed and my baby has grown lots of features
  • New pregnancy symptoms at week 11 include baby brain forming causing breathlessness
  • I keep my blood sugar up by snacking on complex carbs

me at week 11

Say goodbye to morning sickness and exhaustion: say hello to baby brain! It's a good idea to pop a pad and pen in my handbag so I can note things down, as many pregnant women find their brains get a little fuzzy at this stage especially if I’m not sleeping too well. Now that my placenta is fully formed, my body needs to send more oxygen to my womb. I find myself getting a bit breathless walking up stairs. This week is a good time to go shopping for maternity bras, as my boobs grow up to three cup sizes.

my baby at week 11

My baby is now looking more and more like a fully formed little human. They now have all the bones in their face, their ears are nearer where they're going to be, and they've developed a tongue and nasal passages. They're still tiny (about the size of a fig) so I won't feel those turning somersaults in my tummy just yet. My baby's tiny heart is well on its way to being finished, and their little lungs are starting to form now, too.

things to do in week 11

Now is a good time to organise my dating scan, which tells me when to expect mini-me's grand entrance. This scan can also tell me whether I’m expecting one baby or more. Some women are offered a nuchal translucency scan at 11 weeks; this special scan is called NT scan as well and can identify whether or not my little one has Down's syndrome. It's normal to feel a bit tired so don't be shy about taking a break when you want one.