Bathing Essentials: New Mommy's Shopping List

Preparing a shopping list of bathing essentials for your baby’s first ‘real’ bath? As a new mommy you may have many questions and might need some help on gathering the right baby bathing essentials to help your baby transition from sponge baths to a bathtub. Fret not! Mothercare has all that you need to include in your shopping list to make bathing your baby a hassle-free experience.

Bathing Essentials: Must-haves on your shopping list

Baby Baths and tubs Wondering what type of bathtub would suit your baby’s needs? A sink- friendly bathtub that lets you safely wash your baby is just what you need to get started. A sink-friendly bathtub that is perfect for newborns and babies, regulates water temperature and is easy to clean and handle makes washing your baby easy-peasy. There are different types of bathtubs available these days, from the traditional bathtubs to dynamic sit-up bathtubs that come with bath mats. Take a look at some suitable bathtubs for your little one.

Baby Shampoo When it comes to baby shampoo, there are as many to choose from as there are heads to be shampooed; here is no ‘all-in-one’ product. The secret to finding the right baby shampoo is choosing one that’s not only got good cleansing power to remove dirt from your baby’s delicate scalp but also acts mildly in doing so. Look for 2-in-1, hypoallergenic baby shampoo with natural extracts that leave your baby’s hair clean and deeply conditioned.

Baby Washcloths As your baby’s skin is gentle, you need a washcloth that not only cleans your baby’s skin but also soothes it. Look for one that is durable, machine-washable and made from organic cotton.

Baby Bath Towels and Towelling Robes  Choose soft baby bath towels and bathrobes made of organic cotton that stays soft against your baby's gentle skin while keeping him/her warm and cosy post bath.

Baby Body Wash Picking out suds for your baby? Look for surfactant-free baby soaps or full-body cleansers that are hypoallergenic, organic and gentle on your baby’s skin. It is best to avoid sneaky baby body washes, soaps, and bubble baths for you little one.

Mothercare offers a complete line of best baby skincare products ideals for newborns, babies and toddlers.

Bathroom Accessories and bath supplies Make bath time safe and fun for your baby with Mothercare's full range of baby bath accessories, offering everything from sponges and cleaning brushes to bath toys and organizers.

Post-Bath Baby Grooming EssentialsNail clipper and file, hairbrush, body oil and lotion are some of the post-bath baby grooming essentials

Make sure to check out Mothercare’s baby bath essentials to enjoy every minute of your baby’s bath time.