How to Keep the Baby Healthy and Happy

Winter is here and so is the need to take extra special care of your family, with the cold weather months triggering a host of illnesses and health problems, especially the little ones. It is a time when the cold and flu season is at its peak. The drop in temperatures can easily take a toll on your kid’s health and wreak havoc on their respiratory system and skin, especially if you have a newborn baby.
As a first-time parent, you might have very little prior experience in the baby care know-hows. To help you care for your little ones, we have listed down few very helpful and easy to follow pointers to ensure your baby stays healthy and happy this cold and flu season.

Follow these simple tips to keep your baby happy and heathy, and set them on the best path to stay that way:

1. Maintain hygiene and cleanliness - Since your baby has an immature immune system, he/she is at a greater risk of infection and contracting diseases. Hence it is important to make sure that you follow good hygiene practices in and around the house. Protect your baby from harmful germs and allergens by keeping the nursery clean. Use safe and effective baby care products to bathe and care for your baby. Always wash your hands before you get in contact with your baby to avoid passing on germs and contagious diseases, and wash your hands after every diaper change to avoid dispersing germs around the house.

2. Keep your baby warm and cosy - Start by making sure your baby’s room or nursery is comfortably warm. Use a good thermostat and keep it running before you put your baby to sleep in order to achieve the right temperature in the room and to ensure your baby doesn’t feel too hot or too warm. You can use a warm air humidifier to add some moisture to the air in the room, especially if your baby has breathing problems, chest congestions, or dry skin.

3.Dress your baby in layers As babies are too small to regulate their own body temperature, it is important to layer them on with some warm clothing for insulation. Put on cotton baby bodysuits, thermals, jackets, hoodies, sweaters, mittens, woollen hats and socks for your baby to ensure that s/he stays warm during the colder months, both inside and outside the house.

4.Breastfeed your baby until he/she outgrows the need - Breastfeeding makes babies healthier and happier. Breast milk is best for babies during the first year of their lives, as it not only provides an ideal nutrition to them in an easily digestibly form, offering everything that is crucial for his/her development and growth, but also has antibodies than can help fight illness & germs and protect him/her from chronic diseases. Breastfeeding mothers equally experience many benefits and life-enhancing changes in them in the process.

5.Give your baby the best medical care - Regular baby health check-ups and screening tests & examinations are important to keep track of your baby’s growth and development, and to screen for any health conditions or disorders that might be present so they can be treated on time. The doctor will provide routine health and development reviews and advice on feeding programmes, vaccination and immunization schedules in order to make sure that your baby is growing healthy and immune to potentially life-threatening disesases.

6. Keep your baby’s medicine cabinet well stocked - Put together a list of baby care products you will need to help keep your little one clean, safe and comfortable. From over-the-counter medicines to digital thermometers , keep all the products you will want on hand to treat any common discomforts your baby might have in the cold weather months. You can use rectal thermometers to get the most accurate readings for newborn babies, the less invasive ear thermometer for babies over 12 months old and oral thermometers for kids over four years old.

7.Use alternative home treatment options for your baby - There are many alternative treatment options available for common baby discomforts at home in the form of over-the-counter medications and non-invasive natural home remedies. From prune juice to relieve constipation to using a baby-friendly nasal aspirator to help your baby breathe better by removing mucus and fluids from the nostrils. Please bear in mind that these alternative treatment options only support your baby’s health and aid in easing any discomfort there might be.

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