Tips For Choosing The Right Clothes For Your Baby Girl

Want to dress your baby girl in the most stylish and comfortable wear? Then Mothercare has just the tips to help you pick the right outfit for your girl. Apart from staying fashionable, you have to keep in mind the fabric, colour, style and size of your little one’s outfit. Let’s show you how you can style your little princess.

1.Fabric Fabric is an important factor to consider when picking your kids girls’ dress. Choose fabrics that are made from soft and natural weaves such as cotton and wool to prevent irritation on your little girl's young and delicate skin. Avoid use of synthetic materials such as polyester as it is far more likely to cause an allergic reaction or irritation. At Mothercare, we make sure to design the best baby girls’ clothing and dresses, ensuring quality of fabric and suitability.

2. Colours Colours have a great impact on your baby girl’s happiness and comfort. Opt for vibrant and bright colours such as pink, white, lemon yellows and sky blue to add a beautiful touch to your princesses’ style.

3.Model and Size Choosing the right size is always important for a proper and comfortable fit. Mothercare fashion designers offer the latest, most unique and comfortable trends for girls, in styles and sizes fit for every age. Our size guide will help you to buy the right clothes for your little girl - whether she’s a baby, toddler or a ten- year old.

4. Accessories Accessories play a great role in your baby girls’ apparel. It completes your girls’ dresses and adds style to her appearance. At Mothercare, we’ve got a wide range of accessories such as bags, hats, sunglasses and bunch of other cute accessories that are sure to complete your little girls’ look.

Shop at Mothercare and discover a wide range of girl’s stylish clothing & accessories, for every day and every occasion.